Product Review: The Claws by Pocket Dungeon

While researching riding crops for a couple of scenes in the latter chapters of my first novel-length story, I stumbled upon a company called Pocket Dungeon.

Their featured product is a compact case filled with fun and versatile equipment for all of your BDSM on-the-go needs. While I can’t vouch for the quality of the Pocket Dungeon in its entirety, I couldn’t resist picking up a set of their Claws.

Furry handcuffs not included.
Furry handcuffs not included.

Regularly $19.95, they’re on sale right for a very reasonable $12.95 (which is what I paid for them).

They arrived from Hawaii as a set of five adjustable, stainless steel pieces. The instructions (as seen in the official video at the bottom of this post) are to place the claws below the “fleshy part” of the fingers to allow the wearer the versatility of utilizing the metallic claw portion and then following up with some tender, skin-on-skin strokes.

The claws aren’t particularly sharp, so if you’re looking for that concentrated, needle-like sensation, these aren’t going to do it for you. However, their rounded edges allow for a wide range of pressure options, from grabbing to heavy scratching to teasing, featherlike grazing.


The claws stack well for easy storage and come with a so-called “snappy thing” that you can slip between them to keep the little finger-nuggets in place.


Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. They’re lightweight and adjust easily to suit each finger, though you really need to make sure they’re secure when performing any heavy scratching, as they can slip.

I had a lot of fun tap-tap-tapping them against various surfaces, such as tables, bedframes, handcuffs, and, of course, people. They would pair quite nicely with a complementary item, such as a fur glove or feather tickler.


If I were to rate them on a scale from 1 to 5, I’d give them a solid 4. While they aren’t the most heavy-duty claws on the market, they’re a lot of fun and perfect for beginners. It’s the kind of toy you can surprise your partner with—and by that, I mean, “Surprise, look what I bought for us to try!” not “Surprise! Oops, I didn’t mean to stab your clitoris,”—without intimidating them.

See The Claws in action:

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