Body Language

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Those words, not mine, I covet

These hands, not yours, I feign

If twain should e’er meet and trade places

They’d parley a language, profane

3 thoughts on “Body Language

  1. I’m really excited about this because you use language from another time, and you do so without needing the conspiratorial wink that usually goes with such style.

    I enjoy that language because it’s a fast track to a certain frame of mind (and one which I find pleasurable), and it leans heavily on suggestion.

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    1. It must be a result of all the classical music I’ve been listening to while editing 😛

      Quick unrelated question: how infuriating would it be if I ended chapter 7 at around 2,500 words? (That comes out to less than half of what I usually post, but you know how much I love cliffhangers, and this spot is practically begging for it…)

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