You’re The One For Me

This sweet, romantic flash fiction piece by my dear friend, Lace Winter, is refreshing in its exploration of mature, seasoned love.

So often, we find ourselves caught up in the narrow celebration of youth, our obsession with beauty, and the all-consuming flame of infatuation that we forget that love, at its core, is really about the appreciation and acceptance of another human being, and humans age. Skin and eyes lose their luster, hair turns gray or vanishes altogether, and limbs don’t bend like they used to. It’s inevitable. But love, if it is nourished and handled with compassion, care, and a sense of humor, can last a lifetime.

Lace Winter

Sybil traced her finger slowly down Jack’s chest, luxuriating in the soft feel of the hair that grew there, in stark contrast to the lack of any on top of his head. His warm, solid presence comforted her, and for a moment she just soaked in it, breathed it in, letting her cares slip away.

Only for a moment, however. That old demon returned, as it always did, to nag at her. Was he really happy with her? Did his attention perhaps roam at times, caught up in someone more elegant, more beautiful, more slender, more… just more? Could she really still be enough for him, or would he seek someone who could do so much more for him than she ever could? She told herself this was silly, Jack had never once given any hint of anything like that, it was just her persistent insecurities talking to her. Still…

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6 thoughts on “You’re The One For Me

    1. Thank you so much! It was quite fun to write, actually. I had been thinking about how my own perceptions of what is attractive have changed as I’ve grown older, while at the same time my own insecurities in the same area, and it just sort of germinated into this.

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