Free Erotic Stories

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Flash Fiction

En Route

An attractive stranger gives Leila more than a hand on the train ride home.


Liam just wants to get through senior year with his reputation intact. Fortunately, his roommate Avery has other plans. (M/M)

Short Stories


Things got hot and heavy the last time Lauren ran into her childhood tormentor Oakley. She doesn’t expect him to show up months later at her grandfather’s wake. Bitter and resentful, Lauren rebuffs his advances, till she learns she’s not the only one struggling with difficult memories.

In the Rough

When a handsome stranger walks into Vashti’s place of work with an eye toward an engagement ring, she curses her bad luck. When he shows up later looking to rob the place, she’s presented with a choice: chalk the whole thing up to misfortune, or take her luck into her own hands.


Original erotic poems.

Body Language
Inspire Me
Little Red